This is my Den that my brother Bob help me build.  Actually he helped me build the whole basement!  Thanks Bob!!!!! 

I spend most of my time down in my Den!  The way I have set it up at my workbench I can setup my laptop and be on line, watch TV, build a model and airbrush!!!!  This is SWEET!  I have a large cabinet next to my bench for when I need a tool or a color.  I can spin around and airbrush a model because I built a very large airbrush box that has a vent that goes outside!  Hey - No fumes!  Yes I can breath!  Always a good thing.

I picked up this table at a yard sell for $20.  Great deal.  Same table is at Sears for $300.  The guy was leaving for Ireland and needed to sell everything.  Great for me.  I can have 3 people sitting at the table working on kits at the same time.  SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




My Laptop logged in!

Part of my Aurora Collection.

More boxed kits.


More Auroras


         My Large Supply Cabinet


                                                                          My Outer Limits model collection

                                                                          from Dimensional Design! 

My model closet full of unopen kits!

This is actually my server room with all my computer stuff for my network.





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