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   Welcome all. This is the start of my redone web site!  It's been awhile since it's been updated.  The website will show pic's of my family, computer information (IT side), interesting web sites, models in the Gallery and other links to web sites with related interests. I will show such things as Aurora , Polar Lights,  and of course my own collection.  The gallery will include my sculpted kits, built ups of models, Aurora's, Billikens, GeoMetrics and many more!  I will also have links to other interesting web sites covering models, Star Trek, Star Wars, Outer limits, Johnny Quest, BattleStar Galactica and many more!  I will be posting new and interesting things each week.  This site is currently under construction and should be completed shortly!  Please feel free to email me with comments, if you wish to add a link to your site, or want to add your kits to the gallery please email me.  I would like to start a nice Gallery of different peoples kits.  So surf and enjoy!  


 I am an American and a Christian And Proud of it!


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Please email me with comments!

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